International Women's Day: Let's Clap for Mums

Lisa Lessware

Today we are sending love to all you wonderful women out there. These are challenging times and we know you are all doing your best to navigate through the challenges presented by the pandemic.

International Women's Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of women and raise awareness about gender equality. 

March 8th, 2021 is not only International Women's Day, but in the UK it's the day the children returned to school after the 3rd lockdown ended of the ongoing global pandemic.

If you have been a working mother and have been burdened with the insurmountable task of simultaneously working whilst homeschooling you will understand that the illusion that mothers can have it all is well and truly shattered. The burden of homeschooling fell disproportionately on women's shoulders. Our responsibilities as mothers/caregivers/employees aren't manageable when the fragile scaffolding of this house of cards we live in comes crashing down. 

There is no glass ceiling. There never was. It's an illusion.

So, my big takeaway from this revelation is this: I don't need to have it all to be happy. I will take each moment as it comes. I no longer want burden myself with the notion of 'perfect families', 'perfect career', perfect homes', 'perfect parenting'. Because real life is anything but. And it's a kind of perverse mental state to curate one's own life in such a way that perpetrates this myth of perfection. 

My life is real. My kids are real. My house is real. We're far from perfect, and that's OK. Because perfection doesn't equate LOVE or SUCCESS.

Join me at 15:30 GMT today, I will be doing a CLAP FOR MUMS. #IWD2021 #CLAPFORMUMS 

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