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The winners of the Breastfeeding Photo Competition

Thank you so much to all the amazing ladies who submitted their photos breastfeeding their babies. We had a really hard time choosing but we felt that the three ladies below best emulated the motto of Bshirt.

The winners are:

  1. Mimi Bunn
  2. Jem Henderson
  3. Louise Hind

Congratulations ladies!! You've all got a Bshirt headed your way when the first batch are in :)


Breastfeeding Tips

Check out our new breastfeeding tips section on topics such as the benefits of breastfeeding.
Find out how much easier it is to breastfeed confidently in public with the Bshirt compared to using a breastfeeding cover.

Ethical & Organic

We use only GOTS Certified Organic and responsibly sourced cotton in the manufacture of Bshirt products. This means that there is no use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and dyes. Choosing to buy organic clothing is good for you, your baby and the environment. You can read about our Ethical Fashion Principles here.

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