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Have a new mum in your life? Unsure what to get her? The Bshirt is the perfect gift because it promotes confidence breastfeeding and empowers new mums to feel like themselves. It is so versatile and will complement anyone’s unique personal style. 

Our gift certificates can be redeemed anytime. Simply select the value of the gift you want to give and you will be emailed or posted your certificate within 24 hours. If you would like to add a personal message to the gift certificate, please click on the 'Add note to your order' link on the Shopping Cart page.


The Bshirt is designed to improve confidence breastfeeding in public. Have a look at what some of our customer's say:


"The Bshirt helps me to relax and feel confident - it's so much easier and I'm loving wearing my own clothes again!" Jennie P


"It allows me to wear certain clothing which I wouldn't normally wear while breastfeeding, such as low cut tunics/dresses." Natalie W


"The Bshirt makes breastfeeding so easy. It’s really comfy, comes in beautiful colours and the quality is outstanding. It is an all round must have for all milk making mamas."
Maria Betsworth, Little Peach London


Instagrammer @MadisonPurr reviews the Bshirt


You can read more testimonials here and also find out why the Bshirt is so special.


The Bshirt is a multi- award winning product and is Design Protected and Trademarked.


Stay stylish, but do it the smart way.

Clothing waste is the second biggest pollution problem (second only to plastic) and we feel it is our responsibility as a clothing retailer to sell responsibly.

This means: We use only ORGANIC and Responsibly Sourced Cotton in the manufacture of Bshirt products. Choosing to buy Organic means that harmful chemicals, pesticides and dyes aren’t pumped into the environment and water supplies while making our fabric. Choosing to buy organic clothing is good for you, your baby and the environment.

You can read about our Ethical Fashion Principles here.

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