We Need Your VOTE!! Please vote for the Bshirt to help us launch new and exciting products this year

We Need Your VOTE!! Please vote for the Bshirt to help us launch new and exciting products this year



We are so excited to be finalists in the Market Finance Business Booster Fund competition!!!


We need your help - PLEASE VOTE - for us!


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Our business is - an ETHICAL Breastfeeding Clothing Brand! Ta Da!

We struck up a friendship when we had our children. And we’re both really passionate about breastfeeding!

So when we discovered that the UK has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world, we decided to do something about it. 

Since our launch in 2017 we have made a difference to over 25,000 breastfeeding women!!!

It’s simple really - we design breastfeeding clothes with really easy feeding access. 

We survey our customers before and after using the Bshirt and our results show that 83% of women feel more confident feeding in public while wearing their Bshirt. 

Our Plan for Growth is to launch a new product at a lower price point. This will be called our ESSENTIAL Bshirt. Then we have plans to launch a LUXURY range.


By offering similar products at different price points, like supermarkets do, we can expand our reach and impact more breastfeeding women. 


We’re in the Baby and Nursery Products industry and sell online. We save a bucket load by not having a physical shop, but we also spend a bucket load trying to reach new customers who haven’t ever heard of us.


We can't afford PR. We’re still on the fence about going on Dragon’s Den! But what we do have are amazing reviews, word of mouth referrals, and testimonials. Our customers - the ones who know about us - simply love us.


We’re on the right track, and have designs to expand our brand to include baby clothes - washable sanitary pads - bras - muslins - bibs - and so much more! 



Winning this £5k grant will enable us to grow our brand. With your help we can empower thousands more mums to breastfeed more confidently!


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