Collection: Nursing and Maternity Dress

The Bshirt breastfeeding dress is an A-line style tunic dress made of stretchy recycled cotton. The nursing and maternity dress is designed to see you through bump, breastfeeding and beyond!

The perfect Maternity Dress

Create the perfect maternity outfit by pairing it with leggings or jeans for a casual look. It is cut to accommodate a bump to see you through pregnancy, and also has our design protected Bshirt breastfeeding access.

The perfect Nursing Dress

If you are looking for a loose fitting Bshirt this breastfeeding dress is for you. Made with the same easy feeding access as our breastfeeding tops, but with a looser fit for comfort and style. Wear it with leggings or jeans to create an effortless nursing outfit. 

Available in 4 core colours that never go out of style, we offer a true slow fashion solution to maternity clothes. Our inclusive size range uses dress sizes so you can find a perfect fit. You can count on them to endure wash after wash as they are made using the highest quality Recycled Cotton and ethically manufactured by hand. 

Our Maternity clothes range also includes our Breastfeeding and Maternity Bralette. Our breastfeeding clothes range also includes breastfeeding vests, perfect for layering, and breastfeeding long sleeve tops with the same easy feeding access.


🌸 Stylish. Sustainable. Empowering.
Designed with love and care for breastfeeding mothers.
Embrace your motherhood journey with confidence and style.