Collection: Women's Clothes

We are proud to offer ethical and sustainable women's clothes as part of the Bshirt family. Our women's clothes collection includes a women's vest top and a women's long sleeve t-shirt. 

Our customers tell us that the Bshirt is one of those brands that they wish they had discovered long ago! They love our tops so much, that even when they are finished breastfeeding, they are still wearing our breastfeeding tops.

The womenswear clothes are designed to allow you to enjoy the cut, style and comfort of your favourite brand at any stage of your motherhood journey. We are an ethical brand at our heart, and strive to reduce clothing waste. We design all our clothes to be season less, be made to last and never go out of style.


See also our pregnancy clothes range, which includes our maternity dress and our maternity bralette.


See also our breastfeeding clothes range, which includes breastfeeding vests, perfect for layering, and breastfeeding long sleeve tops .


In addition to our new women's clothes, we also offer a range of Zero Waste Baby Clothes and accessories.

Women's Clothes