Bshirt Rental

  • RENT

    Want to reduce your consumption of short term use clothes? Now you can rent your breastfeeding tops for up to 4 months and maternity tops for up to 6 months!


    If you no longer need your rental tops simply post them back to us. Any future rental payments will be cancelled. You will have only paid for the time you used the item.

  • KEEP

    If you love your Bshirts at the end of your rental, they are yours to keep with nothing more to pay or do!

Bshirt Rental FAQ's

How much does it cost?

Breastfeeding tops can be rented on an individual basis. The monthly price per top is shown on the individual product pages.

The rental is available for up to 4 months for breastfeeding tops and 6 months for maternity tops. To end your rental simply send the top back to us and once we receive it we will cancel any future rental payments. If you still need your top after the rental ends, simply keep it and there is nothing further to pay.

Can I swap my rented top?

We do not offer swaps on rental items that have been worn.

If you want to rent a different item, simply send the top back and we will cancel your next rental payment. You can then rent a new item in a different size, style or colour.

Can I exchange a rented item?

We can only accept exchanges for size on rented items that have not yet been worn.

If you have worn your rented item, and it no longer fits, simply send it back and end the rental. You can then rent a new item in a different size. This option works well for customers who's weight has changed after giving birth, allowing them to have the right clothes in the right size.

How do I return my rental tops?

If you want to cancel your rental just pop the items in the post to the address below and we will cancel any outstanding payments due after the date the arrive at our offices.

Bshirt, 4 Castle Street, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5NU.

As is the policy with our normal returns and exchanges, we do not offer free return postage so you will need to pay to return the item to us.

How many tops can I rent?

You can rent as many as you like. Simply add the tops to your cart and you will be charged individually for each one.

Do you rent new or preloved clothes?

All our clothes are rented as new, this is because we give you the option to keep them at the end of the rental.

If you decide not to keep the tops then we resell them on our website as preloved.

Why can I only rent maternity tops for a maximum of 6 months?

If you have worn and loved your maternity top for 6 months, its yours to keep!

Rented items that you have kept after the rental ends are still eligible for our Buy Back scheme when you no longer need them.

Why can I only rent brestfeeding top for a maximum of 4 months?

We hope that the Bshirt will help you to breastfeed for many months or years.

Many customers tell us they are unsure how they will get on with breastfeeding, and they are unsure about buying such a premium product that they are worried they may not need for very long.

However, we are confident that once you try it you will want to buy it! If you have worn and loved your Bshirt for 4 months, its yours to keep!

Rented items that you have kept after the rental ends are still eligible for Buy Back when you finish you breastfeeding journey.

How do I cancel my rental?

Simply return your item to cancel your rental.

Rental charges can only be canceled by Bshirt staff when we receive your returned item back at our offices.

We will cancel any upcoming payments due on your rental.

Please return your items in a clean washed condition, without strong smelling detergent.

Items that are returned to us in damaged condition are subject to fees. Please see the Damaged Item section of this FAQ page.

What if I damage the item?

You are entering into a rental contract with our brand when you agree to rent and item and pay monthly to use our product. You agree to treat our products with care and return them in good condition.

If you decide to cancel your rental and your item is returned to us damaged you will be charged the following:

1. Minor Damage Fee (£5) if the item is in need of professional cleaning upon return - ie: strong smell (perfume, detergent, body odour), pet hair, stains, etc.

2. Major Damage Fee (up to the full RRP of the item) if the item is damaged beyond repair for resale as preloved.

Why Rental?

As a Circular Fashion Maternity Brand, we recognise the problem that clothing waste is having on the planet. We are pleased to offer you the option to rent your maternity & breastfeeding tops to help reduce consumption of clothing items for short term use.

Pregnancy clothes are by definition, only needed for a limited number of months, so it makes sense to rent these clothes.

When it comes to breastfeeding, we know that many Bshirt customers use our breastfeeding tops for 2 years or more! But we also hear from customers who are unsure how long they will be breastfeeding for and who are worried about spending money when family finances are squeezed.

We hope our rental option offers the perfect solution to our customers. Whether it's for your summer holiday and you want a Bshirt breastfeeding Tshirt for just a few weeks, or it's your first time breastfeeding and you need to see how you get on before you make a purchase - our flexible rental portal allows you to pay as you go.

If you're finished with your Bshirt just send it back to us before your next payment is due and your rental will be ended.