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FREE SHIPPING on UK orders over £75!

Buy Back

Finished with your Bshirts? We will Buy them Back.

We are committed to reducing clothing waste and we will reward customers for sending us back their Bshirts. Items returned in ‘Good’ condition will get 30% back as store credit and items returned in ‘Poor’ condition will get 10% back as store credit. In this way, we extend the life of our products and reduce the environmental impact of our brand.

* Free Shipping to send your Bshirts back *

* 30% back for Good Condition *

* 10% back for Used Condition *

There is no minimum spend to use the voucher. You can spend it on a treat for yourself (for example Hottea Mama, Washable Sanitary Pads, the new Bralette) or you can give it to a friend to use. The choice is yours.

How Buy Back Works


Bshirt's 'Buy Back' T's & C's

1. The Bshirt 'Buy Back' Scheme is only open to residents of the UK.
2. To participate you must:

Complete the online form and receive a confirmation email.

Print your email confirmation and include it in your parcel. Alternatively include a note in your parcel stating Buy Back and include all of your personal details from the online form.

Follow the link in the email to generate a pre-paid postage label and attach it to the outside of your parcel. Further instructions are contained within the email.

Ensure all garments are washed. Otherwise we have no option but to donate or recycle them and you will not receive store credit.

3. By submitting the Buy Back form you agree to opt in to receive communications from weheartfamily ltd by mail. You can unsubscribe at any time. View our privacy policy.

4. No responsibility is taken for forms or parcels that are lost, delayed, misdirected or incomplete or cannot be delivered or received for any technical or other reason.

5. We will use the details you provide on the Buy Back form to determine the price you have paid for the item. Bshirt pricing includes VAT at 20%, so this will be deducted from the sale price you paid before any store credit will be calculated. We do not count any postage paid in the original order towards the value of the items.

6. We can only accept items purchased in new condition for the Buy Back programme (we cannot buy back items purchased as preloved).

7. We cannot accept standard returns or exchanges sent to us using the Buy Back freepost label. Any returns or exchanges sent to us using this label will have the cost of the label deducted from any refund due.

8. By participating in the Bshirt Buy Back scheme, you are agreeing to transfer your property and ownership rights to weheartfamily, ltd, and it will be the sole decision of weheartfamily, ltd on what will happen with the items (to be sold as pre-loved, donated or recycled). In the event the item is resold in the Bshirt Pre-Loved Collection, the participant has no right to any money received for this item.

9. We will inspect the items you sent back and determine which of the 3 categories they fall into:

Good condition - items in good condition are eligible for 30% store credit based on the price paid, subtracting any SALES VAT which would have already been collected by HMRC on the item, and excluding any shipping costs paid on the order. Good condition is defined as light wear and tear without stain, shrinkage, discolouration or other damage.

Used condition - items in used condition are eligible for 10% store credit based on the price paid, subtracting any SALES VAT which would have already been collected by HMRC on the item, and excluding any shipping costs paid on the order. Used condition is defined as normal wear and tear encompassing minor stains, lint, pet hair, shrinkage, discolouration or other minor damage.

Poor condition - items in poor condition are not eligible for store credit and will instead be recycled. Poor condition is defined as excessive wear and tear encompassing major stains, shrinkage, discolouration or other major damage. 

10. Please allow up to 10 working days from the date of receipt in order to receive your offer email. The email will contain a discount code for use at 

11. No cash alternative will be offered. 

12. Weheartfamily, ltd reserves the right to cancel or change the scheme, including the incentive, at any time.