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Vision, Mission & Values

Fast fashion encourages people to continuously consume clothes. Meanwhile, the equivalent of one dustbin truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill every second. 

We think it's really simple - the clothes we choose are a reflection of who we are and we feel a woman needn’t give up her personal identity simply because she has become a breastfeeding mother - nor should she need to buy a new pregnancy wardrobe for short-term use.

With the Bshirt you don’t need to replace your wardrobe - you can simply adapt it.

Mission vision and values

Our Vision

Our Vision is a future where women enjoy fashion which is flattering yet functional, without damaging the environment.

Our Mission

We are a Circular Fashion British Maternity Brand, which empowers women to breastfeed with confidence while reducing unnecessary consumption of earth's precious natural resources.

Our Values

Reducing Clothing Waste

Reducing clothing waste stands at the core of Bshirt's values. Recognizing that clothing waste ranks as the second largest pollution challenge, surpassed only by plastic, the company feels a profound duty as a clothing retailer to act with responsibility. To counteract this environmental crisis, Bshirt has pioneered a unique "Buy Back" initiative. Customers are encouraged to return products they no longer require, ensuring these garments get a second lease on life. These returned items are then meticulously curated and sold under the "Preloved" banner, reflecting Bshirt's commitment to sustainability and championing a circular economy in the fashion realm.

Embracing the Circular Economy

Today's fashion landscape sees clothing consumption soaring to unprecedented levels, casting a shadow of environmental repercussions. While sustainability is essential, it's become evident that a mere sustainable approach isn't sufficient. At Bshirt, we're championing the circular economy by interweaving it into our very fabric. By sourcing materials that have been recycled and ensuring our products experience multiple lifecycles through rentals, we're proactively reducing waste. Beyond this, our commitment stretches to repairing and upcycling products, breathing new life into pieces that might otherwise be discarded. And when an item's lifecycle reaches its natural conclusion, we transform them back into fibres, ready to begin anew. Through these measures, Bshirt isn't just producing clothing; we're safeguarding the planet's invaluable resources and setting a new gold standard in the fashion industry.

Nurturing Babies and Beyond

At the heart of Bshirt is a fervent passion for bolstering both mothers and their babies in their breastfeeding journey. Understanding the myriad of health and wellbeing advantages that breastfeeding offers, we're dedicated to providing products and support that empower mothers to nurse with confidence and ease. It's our belief, grounded in evidence, that with enhanced confidence, mothers are more likely to breastfeed for extended durations. This not only nourishes the baby but also fosters a profound bond of attachment between mother and child. Our commitment extends beyond just apparel; it's about nurturing relationships, enhancing wellbeing, and championing the natural bond that breastfeeding brings.

Empowering Women, Every Step of the Way

Bshirt, as a proud Female Founded entity, has always placed the empowerment of women at its core. This commitment permeates every facet of our operations. From the ethical creation of our garments to the very imagery that represents us, women take center stage. Our photographic campaigns showcase real mothers, genuine in their experiences and radiant in their authenticity, rather than professional models. Behind the scenes, we're equally women-driven, with talented female professionals spearheading our digital and IT domains. Mindful of the myriad roles women play, our work environment is structured to support them holistically. By keeping office hours from 9-3 and offering flexibility during school holidays, we ensure that working parents never have to choose between their professional aspirations and being there for their children. At Bshirt, we believe in championing women, not just through words but in every action we take.

“We are proud to be a micro brand tackling the world's big problems.”

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