We are committed to reducing clothing waste.

We regularly receive returned Bshirt's that are in excellent condition, but are not able to be resold as new. Rather than send these items to landfill - where 300k tonnes of clothing waste goes to in the UK every year - we have carefully selected the best of the items for our Certified Pre Loved collection.

PreLoved stock will vary due to availability.

Terms and Conditions for the Bshirt’s PRE-LOVED COLLECTION:

By placing an order for an item in our Pre-Loved Collection, you agree to accept the following terms and conditions:
1. Items in the Pre-Loved Collection are second hand, but in a resalable condition. Items will show signs of wear and tear, which may include faults within the product itself, staining, discolouration, shrinkage, or other issues arising as the result of the item being second hand.
2. All prices are subject to changes at any time.
3. Stock may vary and exchanges of pre-loved items may not be possible.