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"I love that the baby isn't covered, enabling eye contact. The material is super soft & the design allows Mum to incorporate it into her wardrobe easily."

Jane Mason, Registered Midwife and MD of the Natural Birthing Co


Watch our video to see just how easy it is to feed in a Bshirt!


"The clever design of the Bshirt will help mothers feel more confident when breast-feeding in public".

Clare Byam-Cook. Author of 'What to Expect when You’re Breast-feeding...and What if you Can't?'

Bshirt Empowering mums Bshirt Empowering mums
We believe in nurturing babies, empowering women, normalising breastfeeding and reducing clothing waste. Join us on our mission."
Philippa & Lisa, Bshirt Founders


Devon Mama, Dr Lipp, SLOAN Magazine and more!

Devon Mama, Dr Lipp, SLOAN Magazine and more!