Breastfeed with confidence
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Our Mission




The Bshirt is a social venture founded by two Mums with many years of breastfeeding experience between us. 

We are passionate about improving breastfeeding rates in the UK and enabling women to breastfeed confidently for as long as they wish. Presently only 81% of new mothers start off breastfeeding when their babies are born, however when their babies are just 6 weeks old only 36% are still breastfeeding. This means that the UK has some of the worst breastfeeding rates in the world.

Breastfeeding is not easy – new mums may feel embarrassed, they may be worried about the costs of breastfeeding clothes, they may not feel confident feeding their babies and of their skills as a new mother. They need help but they often can’t find local support. The Bshirt helps mums to breastfeed confidently wearing the Bshirt under their favourite pre-pregnancy clothes. Women feel empowered and fashionable as they adapt their wardrobe to be breastfeeding friendly.

The clothes we choose are a reflection of who we are and we feel a woman needn’t give up her personal identity simply because she has become a mother - nor should she buy a new wardrobe for short-term use.


Profits from the sale of the Bshirt will be donated to established UK charities that support breastfeeding women. We hope that one day all companies who sell products to mothers and babies will think of how they can improve the lives of their customers, rather than exploiting them with ‘must have’ consumerism. We cannot continue to consume and create waste at the current rate if we are to preserve this planet for our children’s future. Working together, we will improve breastfeeding rates in the UK and ultimately make mums and babies healthier and happier.