Breastfeed with confidence
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Our Values

Empowering Women

Here at the Bshirt we want women to feel confident and comfortable breastfeeding whenever and wherever they wish. We have employed the services of women in all that we do - from the ethical manufacture of our garments, to the photography and models for our photos, and the web and IT.

Nurturing Babies

We are passionate about supporting mothers and babies to breastfeed and to gain all the valuable health and wellbeing benefits of doing so. By empowering mothers to breastfeed more confidently we hope that they will breastfeed for longer, which helps develop a strong attachment between mother and baby.

Normalising Breastfeeding

We are passionate about normalising breastfeeding and improving breastfeeding rates. Embarrassment at breastfeeding in public is a major barrier to breastfeeding identified by UNICEF and the NHS. We run campaigns where Bshirts are donated to women who are statistically less likely to breastfeed and who are struggling with feeding in public.