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Shopping Ethically


Stay stylish, but do it the smart way. 


Clothing waste is the second biggest pollution problem (second only to plastic) and we feel it is our responsibility as a clothing retailer to sell responsibly. 

This means: We use only ORGANIC and Responsibly Sourced Cotton in the manufacture of Bshirt products. Choosing to buy Organic means that harmful chemicals, pesticides and dyes aren’t pumped into the environment and water supplies while making our fabric. Choosing to buy organic clothing is good for you, your baby and the environment.

So let's make a difference together. Let's move away from fast fashion and its impact on our planet... water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste... lets Reduce - Reuse - Recycle!


Buy less, buy better

It's really simple - we all need to wear clothes. But buying fast fashion isn't sustainable or responsible. So buy less often and you'll be able to afford to buy ethical. The clothes we choose are a reflection of who we are and we feel a woman needn’t give up her personal identity simply because she has become a breastfeeding mother - nor should she buy a new wardrobe for short-term use. Buying ‘wardrobe replacement’ items for breastfeeding isn’t sustainable and with the Bshirt you don’t need to replace your wardrobe - just adapt it.


Buy pre-loved

Scour your charity shop - set alerts on Ebay - if you have a favourite brand there is no need to shy away, just get it pre-loved. We have handpicked Fashion Edits for you showing you how to get looks, trends and styles to be breastfeeding friendly. But you needn't go out and buy these clothes - just have a look in your wardrobe, go to your best charity shop, or check out online sellers to find what you are looking for.


Donate or Recycle your textiles

Your Bshirt is a quality garment and designed to last several years. When your breastfeeding days are over (sob) you can either pass it on to a friend or SEND IT BACK TO US TO BE DONATED. We have donated over 220 Bshirts this year to Baby Bank’s and Refugee Camps in Greece. As a last resort we encourage you to recycle your Bshirt in a textile recycle bin.

We hope that one day all companies who sell products to mothers and babies will think of how they can improve the lives of their customers, rather than exploiting them with ‘must have’ consumerism. We cannot continue to consume and create waste at the current rate if we are to preserve this planet for our children’s future. Working together, we will improve breastfeeding rates in the UK and ultimately make mums and babies healthier and happier.