Breastfeed with confidence
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"I love the fact that the baby isn’t covered because when you drape something over your breast and baby during a feed it interferes with the eye to eye contact and with your ability to easily check the latch. The material is super soft and the non-fussy design allows any Mum to incorporate it into their wardrobe quite easily whatever the weather."
Jane Mason, Registered Midwife and Managing Director of Natural Birthing Company

The Bshirt is a nursing vest that has been designed to improve confidence and comfort while breastfeeding. Here's what our customer's say:

“It's the best solution for turning your whole wardrobe into feeding clothes.”
Emma W

“These are life changers in my opinion and I have recommended them to so many people. Amazing inventions!!”
Anna T

“It's great to have a good quality top that allows discrete feeding and can be worn with a range of clothing - a breastfeeding staple for me now.”
Anna F

“I wish I didn't have to wash it otherwise, I'd wear it everyday!”
Laura Q

“The best item of summer clothing I own for breastfeeding in.”
Emily F

“It's such a joy to wear ordinary clothes again with a Bshirt underneath rather than living in my small selection of breastfeeding tops. I would highly recommend the Bshirt vests to anyone who is currently or thinking about breastfeeding.”
Mhairi M

“Great design and nice to wear at night.”
Amy A

“A great, simple, modern design, which allows me to discretely feed my boy anywhere. Super fabric, lovely finish, great quality. Thank you B shirt, breastfeeding made simple and stylish.”
Michelle B

“Really love the design of the vest which means I don't have to layer clothing all the time!”
Susan D

“Overall best nursing vest I have found.”
Naomi B

“The Bshirt has enabled me to wear my own clothes again - I love this!”
Jennifer B

“It allows me to wear certain clothing which I wouldn't normally wear while breastfeeding, such as low cut tunics/dresses.”
Natalie W

“Getting my hand in under the flap and unclipping my nursing bra is so quick and easy. I feel really covered and comfortable whilst I feed my baby.”
Juliette L

“The design of the shirt makes it so much easier to breastfeed discretely as well as comfortably.”
Clara S

“It was easier as I didn't need to use the two shirt method, which can get very hot! Loved that my tummy wasn't exposed.”
Michelle S

“I've always breastfed in public and it wasn't until I wore the Bshirt that I realised how self conscious I'd become. The Bshirt helps me to relax and feel confident - it's so much easier and I'm loving wearing my own clothes again!”
Jennie P

“Every time I wear my Bshirt I say to myself that I'm going to write to you to tell you how blooming brilliant it is!!!! I mean it!!......When I see the Bshirt in the clean washing pile I am so happy as it is by FAR the easiest top to breastfeed in without ever flashing my boob or tummy!! Thanks so much for making it easier to feed”
Rebecca G

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