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Donate a Bshirt

Donate a Bshirt


For every two Bshirts donated, we will donate one too!

We are making it our business to improve breastfeeding rates. We believe it is not just down to the individual woman, but indeed it is up to all of us to support her on her breastfeeding journey. That’s why we are offering you - someone who believes in breastfeeding and understands the benefits of breastfeeding - to make an impact on a mother’s chances of breastfeeding successfully.

Your support will help us bring positive change to breastfeeding rates by empowering more women to breastfeed with confidence. If you donate, you will receive regular reports and updates on the impact of our campaign.

Imagine it. A new mum is struggling with breastfeeding in public. She knows it’s important but it’s just too difficult right now. She’s feeling like giving up. She goes to her local Children's Centre run by Action for Children and asks for help from a trained breastfeeding professional. The staff member hands the new mum a gift certificate - the one you have donated - and tells her that what she is doing is so important that a member of the public wants to support her.

This is what she will see on the donation’s greeting:

You have received a Bshirt Gift Certificate because a member of the public has generously donated the cost of one Bshirt so that a new mum (that’s you), who may be anxious about breastfeeding in public, has one less thing to worry about.

We hope you like your Bshirt - it allows you to breastfeed wearing your own clothes so you can feel like yourself. In our survey 83% of women felt more confident breastfeeding in front of other people while wearing their Bshirt. We believe this will empower you to breastfeed more confidently, more comfortably and for longer.

Please join our online community and share your story.

Simply select the value you want to donate. The Donated Bshirt Certificate's will be sent to the South Hams Children's Centre in Totnes* Devon for distribution by their trained staff. Priority will be given to those statistically less likely to breastfeed and those struggling with breastfeeding in public. The new mum can then go online, choose her Bshirt, enter the voucher code and receive her donated breastfeeding top. We will ask her to participate in a survey so that we can monitor the impact the Bshirt has on her breastfeeding journey and collate our findings into an impact report for the campaign.

*we are starting in Totnes because that is the HQ of the Bshirt. With your support, we hope to roll out the Donate One scheme nationwide.

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